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Welcome to the Jam! For Over a decade, I have been a voiceover artist specializing in character voiceover for video games and animation/ anime in addition to podcasts, audio dramas, commercial, and educational voiceover and more. I provide a wide vocal command and understanding of characters due to my expertise in acting principles in addition to my Bachelors Fine Arts Degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institutes and extensive commercial and character voiceover training to create and maintain a wide spectrum of believable characters in order to tell any story.
I've hunted down the protagonist as a vicious gangster devil, supported the main character's mission as artificial intelligence, comically scrambled for brains in a mobile runner game, and protected my friends as the "Hero in Disguise". What about Assassins? Goofy kids and geeky nerds? Sorcerers? Heroic do-gooders and powerful warriors? Cute animals and a magic hat? These are just a fraction of the many types of personalities I've been asked to portray over the years.

I also stream semi-regularly on Twitch and often post content on my YouTube channel as well as engage with my fans (which still feels weird to say, let alone type) on my Instagram and TikTok, where I regularly post voiceover related videos. 

For the full list of credits (with more on the way) please visit the Resume and Demo section for more details.
For rates or any other questions contact me at:

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