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"Mimiru!" in Production!

Hey! Have you heard about the 104th’s newest production alongside Airheart?

“In the relaxing town of Suntail, three middle school students are stuck with an assignment over the summer to write their own work of fiction. However, while visiting the town’s old library for inspiration, they stumble upon and open what seems to be an old dusty novel by an unknown author; suddenly, they are magically transported into the world of the story! Where did this book come from? Why was it hidden in a boring town like Suntail? And more importantly, how on earth how do these guys find a way back home? Well, at least the question of inspiration for their story is no longer an issue…”

Run by James Brown, it is currently a side-project being worked on alongside Airheart; production began in March 2015, and is currently ongoing. We are also looking for artists to help bring the world of Mimiru to life! For more information, follow the link below!


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