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Try these Voiceover Challenges!

It’s pretty safe to say that most people nowadays have some sort of social media presence they use to post pictures and videos, and I’m sure many of you know of effective it can be when used correctly to help promote yourself or find people who are like minded all over the world. So if you’re someone who is a voice actor, or someone who is working to be a working voice actor someday, or heck, even someone who is just starting, platforms like Instagram TikTok or Twitter are tools you can use to great benefit! And it doesn’t really cost you anything but a bit of time.

,One example can be to use these platforms to show your progress or create videos like the one above where tons of people get to play with recording reads within a very limited time. It’s a fun and free way to find other like you while getting some practice in! It doesn’t matter what your level is either, with the rapid-fire nature of videos like this, you don’t have time to think—just read and have fun!

If you’re just starting out on voice acting, give some of these a shot! It’s easy to find them on TikTok especially if you search “voice over challenge”. In fact, I made a Tik Tok recently specifically to do more of these, and I hope you follow, comment, and even join in on the action. No excuses! It’s 2021 people, I KNOW you have a phone!

It’s all about doing the best you can with what you have, and when it’s this easy and fun, why not?

Have a good day buds.

-James B.


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