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I'm on IMDb! Just Sayin'

Just a quick update on the "World of Me," as I am currently sitting down with ice on my foot (I seemed to have hurt it pretty good yesterday while on the basketball court). It's only showing a couple roles right now, but since I'll be in more than a few visual novel games this year, I figured it was a good idea to be able to update it for a while. To he honest, I've been on IMDb for a while, but I couldn't do anything to it, so I'm trying out a trial membership at the moment. And I'll still be posting updates on any new projects I'm allowed to announce, which for a few of them, I cannot unfortunately. But I will! I just don't know when! Click on the image below to go directly to the IMDb profile!

I'll be taking it easy this weekend until I can move around better. Take care everyone!

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