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Watch my BangZoom audition at ACEN 2018!

Well lovelies, It's been a few weekd since I flew over to Rosemont, Illinois thanks to you all, and enjoyed the weekend at ACEN 2018! Most importantly, it was because of YOU and your donations that I was able to travel there at all and participate in BangZoom's open auditions! It was a fun fascinating experience, as I got to not only show what I've got in front of Mami Okada and the crowd, but I got to cheer on my friends too. So once again, thank you all for your support, I mean it! If you haven't already, make sure to visit my Instagram, as I made sure to record as much about the trip as I could while there for you all (battery power was getting bodied everyday I walked into the convention center!) And check this YouTube video I posted of my round one entry! I ended up being a finalist, but didn't make it to the top (soooo close!) but it's all good!

Enjoy the images and vids, and again, Thank you all!


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