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James joins Aphmau's "My Inner Demons" cast as voice of "Rhys"

Hello buds! This announcement is kinda late to be fair, but If you're a fan of Aphmau's YouTube channel, then you are no doubt a fan of the "My Inner Demons" series! I'm glad to say that I voice the character "Rhys" starting from episode 8!

"Out of all of the boys, Rhys' personality is more patient and polite. He can be strict, but he is mostly calm and collective. And overall the smartest out of all five boys. He knows what's best for the group during the right moments. In short, Rhys is the only one in the gang that actually has some common sense." - Aphmau Wiki

That being said, he still has his share of misunderstandings and confusion about Earth, including the proper way to pronounce it for starters!

I'm happy to be playing this ice cream loving character, and I hope you check it out and enjoy this hilarious show here!

Lastly, if you join my discord, you'll get to listen to a few bloopers from past episodes too! Check under announcemtnets!

That's it for now! See you all later!

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