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James Creates Animated Comic Dubs Live on Twitch!

Hello lovelies! It's James with another content update! If you have noticed on my YouTube channel the last month or so, I've been adding comic dubs to my channel, which allows me to work my creative muscle and my vocal chords as I record, and in most instances use animation to make a fun story created by amazing talents even more fun! I've also started to stream on Twitch during this process, which you should NOT miss! You'll get to hear me record VO live while I also edit lines from other guest voice actors, sound effects, and music together, then begin the process of editing images and creating sequences of limited animation on Adobe After Effects, all while answering your questions and interacting with the chat! It's been a good time so far, so come an join us!

There isn't a set schedule for these yet, so I suggest you Follow me on Twitter so that you'll get notified as soon as I'm about to start one! How's that sound? Great! Click below for a video of one of those said comic dubs, which as of right now has over 78,000 views (and yes I was super surprised about it)!

Hope to see you at the next stream!

-James <3

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