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Had a great group recording session yesterday!

Yesterday I went to CityVox in NYC to record for a cool game! Can't really talk about that too much, but let's just say I was there for 7 hours. Yup, the cords needed a bit of down time after that one haha. The best part was I got to work with a few people I knew, like Crystal Lonnquist, that lady with the hat in this pic! She also happens to be the Ice Queen in "Mimiru!" which is still in production! pretty sweet huh? Since I don't know what else I can say, I'll keep quiet about the rest of the story until I am allowed to talk some more on it, but it was a great day for me as I move forward in what i've worked toward for the past 4 years now. It was definately a big step forward, I'll tell ya what!

I'll make more announcements in the next few months too, so stay posted!

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