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James Joins Team Dogpit In Exciting New Game!

Hello guys! Just wanted to let you know that you should check out this sweet game by Team Dogpit called, "Delenda Airlines!" I play as the Captain who guides you through the game!

  • Pause/unpause the game with the spacebar

  • You can adjust difficulty by clicking the zoom icons shown on the pause screen

  • You can adjust game speed with page up (slower)/page down (faster)

  • Panic bars are linear but panic increases exponentially

  • messing around in other windows while playing the game sometimes makes it crash. Please remain seated and in the application until the game has come to a complete stop

  • some contents may have shifted around during development, run fullscreen at 1920x1080 for best experience

  • please learn to play the game yourself before helping the player next to you

  • Sometimes the player characters get stuck. Pausing and unpausing tends to unstick them.

Download it on PC and Mac!

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